WIS-30M Wireless PhotoBeam Sensor

Main features :

1 . The transmitter is wireless and battery-operated saving time and money
2 . 30 meters operating range – ideal for almost any entrance gate
3 . Fully anti-proof and weather-resistant enclosure for greater reliability
4 . Transmitter provides audible feedback for easy setup and battery-low indication
5 . Low power consumption throughout the system for greater efficiency
6 . Compatible with Intruder-detection Alarms for enhanced perimeter security
7 . Quick , easy installation with built-in laser beam alignment system

WIS-30M photocell detection angle

When the infrared transmitting end and the receiving end are on the 180 horizontal line , the infrared diode detecting angle range does not exceed 5 degrees up and down.


JUTAI Battery Type Wireless Photo Sensor

WIS-30 infrared gate safety beam with a wireless transmitter and it makes short work of achieving a safe automation system for even the most challenging of installations With a wireless transmitter there’s no need to under the driveway . Simply align , More convenient and safe for door automation!


Combined With Solar Energy System ” cennovative Application Solution Reference

The solar panel collects light energy , and the energy is stored in the battery through the controller.The battery supplies power to the WIS-30 wireless infrared receiving end and the wireless transmitter , and the wireless infrared transmitting end is powered by the AA battery . When the wireless infrared sensor detects someone passing , The information will be transmitted to the wireless receiving end , and the signal will be transmitted by the wireless transmitter . The wireless receiver transmits the corresponding signal to the alarm host , and the whole system does not need to damage the road surface,and does not need to be aid cable , safe and convenient.



WIS-30M Wireless Infrared Sensor Specification

Power Supply Transmitter 2×AA Alkaline Batteries ( Supplied ) Only replace with alkaline batteries ; do not use rechargeable batteries with this product
Receiver 12-24V AC 12-30V DC
Receiver Power Consumption 30MA @ 12V DC
Transmitter Battery Life Minimum 2 years
Battery Low Indication Audible Beep
Specified Operating Distance 30m(100Ft)
Alignment Automatic-1m- @ 10m (circular area – assumes parallel surface)
Output Contact Fail-safe, N/C and N/O, potential free contact
Output Contact Rating 3A @ 30V DC Non-inductive
Operating Temperature -200℃- + 600℃
Operating Humidity 0-90°non-condensing
Degree of Protection lP65 with rubber
Housing Material PC(UV)
Size 51 (L)*135(W)*32(H)mm

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