Retro reflectivesensors

Retro reflective sensors

Retro reflective sensors are photoelectric sensors. They consist of an emitter and receiver in a single housing. The light produced by the emitter is reflected back to the receiver with a reflector.
Whenever this light beam is obstructed, the output signal of the sensor changes state. photoelectric retro-reflective sensors for the detection of transparent objects are characterized by their long sensing ranges of up to 6 m on the IRR-7M reflector and their small housing. Combined with an extensive range of accessories, they provide a simple way to integrate sensors into systems.


1.Logistics:Storage & Conveyor, especially pallet detection

2.Machine builders (e.g. packaging, handling, wood processing, paper)


4.Automated car park systems

5.Doors and gates


Technical parameter

1 . Voltage drop ( V) , ≤1.8V ( 200MA )

2. LED display : Red LED

3.Sensitivity adjustment : non-adjustable

4.Circuit Protection : Short circuit protection , reversed polarity protection and overload protection

5.Operating temperature : -10 ….+ 55℃

6. Insulation Resistance : 250MΩ

7.Anti-impact : 10….55Hz ( amplitude1 . 5mm ) X , Y , Z direction , each 10times

8.Protection : IP65

9.Connection : Cable : ψ4.8mm 2M

10.Housing material : PBT

11.Accessories : mounting bracket : 1 pcs;Reflector : 1pcs

12.Product size : 50 * 50 * 1 8cm



Technical parameter

Sensing mode Retro-reflective
Sensing distance 7M
Sensing object Opaque object,min ψ75mm
Response time ≤3ms
Supply voltage DC12-24V(10-30V DC)/ ripple(p-p): 10% max
Output type NPN output
Output status N.O.
Consumption ≤11mA
Load current 200mA

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