LD-102 Single Channel Metal Vehicle Loop Detector

Why use the JUTAI vehicle loop detectors?

With years of technology precipitation and accumulation, the vehicle detectors produced by JUTAI have won some international and European brands and domestic low-end products with excellent quality, good cost performance, and excellent after-sales service. With the recognition of more and more foreign customers and friends, we have gradually opened up the popularity in foreign countries, and the LOOP Detector has gradually formed a complete series. At the same time, we are committed to helping some Wholesaler and Dealer Provides OEM Service based on the concept of development and growing up together.

High sensitivity and frequency setting

JUTAI Loop Detector has 16 levels of sensitivity, and the customer can flexibly set the sensitivity according to the specific case. At the same time, our vehicle detector has 4 different application frequencies. For some cases with very close entrances and exits, we set different frequencies by flexible setting dialing, which effectively solves the problem that the coil distance is too short and causes the same frequency. Interference problem.

How Many Models Of JUTAI Vehicle Loop Detectors?

ltems Model Color Power voltage Channel Connection
1 LD-100 Green 110-240VAC Single channel EU Standards
2 LD-200 White 110-240VAC Double channels EU Standards
3 LD-202 Green 110-240VAC/DC Single channel EU Standards
4 LD-102 White 110-240VAC/Dc Double channels EU Standards
5 LD-150 Black 110-240V Single channel EU Standards

∗ These models can freely choose according to the needs of the project. We have an excellent design department to help customers OEM the brand and assist our customers to do the corresponding promotion activities in the local area to achieve a win-win situation. So what are the unique advantages of the vehicle detectors produced by JUTAI compared to the similar detector on the market? Let me list them to our distinguished guests one by one.


With Very Wide Inductive Value

∗ If the detection value exceeds 300μH, there will be a wrong function of the gate or door, the vehicle may be dangerous, and with the very narrow car type detection,many entrances and exits often have multiple types of vehicles, so the big problem is that the application is very inflexible. but JUTAI Vehicle loop detector can solve this problems.



Flexible Loop Coil Installation

∗ JUTAI Loop Detector Installation , not limit any size,We can flexibly define the installation size of the coil according to the actual situation of the case;Because our loop detector has extremely wide sense value (15 uh-2000uh),and it can easily detect various car models;However, based on the actual installation experience, we recommend that the coil inductance value be in the range of 380-400uh, the induction is the most sensitive;(Using JUTAI JTHT-11 Loop coils as the measurement standard), within the scope of this standard, the length of the induction coils is about 50m


With Wide Power Supply

∗ All series of vehicle detectors produced by JUTAI adopt the wide voltage output mode, 110-240 VAC, 12-24 VAC/DC, so that customers can purchase One model but suit two voltages, which effectively reduces customers’ inventory and Funding pressure, this feature is also an important feature that our customers like very much.


With Temperature Testing

∗ Vehicle detectors, we have to carry out rigorous quality testing for each particle, our adaptation temperature is from -40 degrees to 80 degrees, so that our vehicle detectors are in cold regions and extremely hot Middle East, Regions such as India are highly adaptable in temperature.


PH Testing

∗ Our vehicle detectors, we have a strict PH test on the selection of the device, our detector base, salt spray corrosion test can reach 15 days, and we test some domestic brands of the same class, about 3 days The device has been completely etched away.


Anti-Lighting Testing

∗ For some high-light-emitting areas around the world, such as countries like Malaysia, our vehicle detectors can withstand 100,000 volts of lightning strikes.


Fault Detection Function

∗ JUTAI vehicle detector has fault detection output, when loop detector detects coil fault or other fault factors (except relay fault), B relay can output a signal, the warning light connected to B relay will flash or alarm reminder Dimensional or replacement, after another few minutes or so, the B relay will automatically reset, loop detector can continue to be used, the customer can reasonably arrange the time for replacement or maintenance work, most of the other similar products on the market, if there is a fault, loop detector will stop working, and the customer should go to the case to carry out the maintenance work immediately, which will bring more complaints to the end-user, and the installer will also increase the high after-sales maintenance cost and bad reputation.


Relay Output Function

∗ JUTAI single-channel loop detector series, built-in 2 relays, one relay is used to connect the dry contact signal of various door control systems, and which as a trigger signal or anti-smashing signal, and the other one is used to connect to the alarm system as a fault detection output signal



∗ JUTAI Loop Detector is suitable for all Gate Automation Systems, because it has 3 core functions, 1. Trigger To Open gate, 2. Safety Protection; 3. Direction Recognition, (only suit for two channels loop detector, usually used in Single-channel access control system)


Products Details

∗ Over the years, JUTAI Loop Detector has made many very classic applications in special vehicle inspection cases;The following video is the use scene of tank trucks in Indonesia’s platform weighing system;When the car passed the anti-smashing loop coil, barrier falls smoothly, No smashed cars; it was used with the JTHT-11 high temperature resistant cable,Please click the following video about JUTAI Loop Detector Projects Application.


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