WIS-30 Wireless Infrared Photocells

Product Description

The infrared Photobeam Sensor is independently developed by JUTAI ,And Which mainly consists of an infrared transmitter and an infrared receiver. The detection principle is that the infrared transmitter emits a modulated infrared light to the infrared receiver. When there is an obstruction, the receiver will not output a relay signal to the door operator or the home alarm system. When there is an object obstructing, the receiver will output a relay signal to the door control system, as a safety anti-pinch device or output signal to the home alarm system, Used as a safety protection device;

Basic Structure

JUTAI infrared Photo beams mainly includes the following 4 parts,Power Supply Part,and which provides a stable low-voltage power supply , The input voltage of WIS-30 is 12-24VDC; Detection Part, the active infrared transimitter and receiver components; Control Part, Amplify, filter, limit, and judge the electrical signal from the detection part; Output Part, the transmitter outputs an active infrared signal, and the receiver outputs a switch signal when an object is detected;

Infrared Gate Safety Beams With Wireless Technology

∗ WIS-30 infrared gate safety beam with a wireless transmitter and it makes short work of achieving a safe automation system for even the most challenging of installations. With a wireless transmitter there’s no need to under the driveway. Simply align, More convenient and safe for door automation!



Why choose our WIS-30?

1.Low Power Consumption

The wireless transmitter photocell requires only two AA batteries (not included in the kit) two years of reliable operation. Low current-draw throughout the system means greater efficiency and a longer battery life, so you’ll have reliable automated gate safety for years to come.


2.Highly Cost-effective

One can’t put a price on safety – but you’ll be happy to know that WIS-30 photocells deliver a highly cost-effective detection solution. With these photocells installed, your gate won’t break your car and it won’t break the bank either!


3.Compatible With Any Gate Openers

The WIS-30 photocells are compatible with supply voltages from 12V to 30V DC. These versatile beams can be used on almost any gate or access automation equipment found in the market.


4.Long-distance Performance

Our wireless safety photocells with a 30 metre operating range, WIS-30 is suitable for even very wide entrances. No matter how big the entrance, WIS-30 is an ideal for virtually any entrance gate.


5.Fully Waterproof Protection

 JUTAI WIS-30 wireless infrared beam has an IP65 rating and it can be used at outdoors directly.




WIS-30 Wireless Infrared Sensor Specification

Power Supply Transmitter 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries (Supplied) Only replace with alkaline batteries; do not use rechargeable batteries with this product
Receiver 12 – 24V AC 12 – 30V DC
Receiver Power Consumption 30mA @ 12V DC
Transmitter Battery Life Minimum 2 years
Battery Low Indication Audible Beep
Specified Operating Distance 30m (100 Ft)
Alignment Automatic – 1m² @ 10m (circular area – assumes parallel surface)
Output Contact Fail-safe, N/C and N/O, potential free contact
Output Contact Rating 3A @ 30V DC Non-inductive
Operating Temperature -20°C – +60°C
Operating Humidity 0 – 90° Non-condensing
Degree of Protection Ip65 with rubber
Housing Material PC(UV)
Size 51(L)*135(W)* 32(H)mm


Connection Details




Install Reference At Gate Automation System Application

JUTAI WIS-30 wireless infrared beam can be used in various door control systems, including barrier gates, automatic doors, sliding doors, rolling gates, garage doors, the following we take the installation of automatic doors in homes as an example, as an illustration:




WIS-30 Photocell Detection Angle

∗ When the infrared transmitting end and the receiving end are on the 180 horizontal line, the infrared diode detecting angle range does not exceed 5 degrees up and down.



Two Pair Photocell Anti-minimum Interference Distance

∗ The minimum distance is 50cm if the RX and TX of 2 pair photo sensor with 10m detectiondistance.



Innovative Application Solution Reference Combined With Solar Energy System

The solar panel collects light energy,and the energy is stored in the battery through the controller.
The battery supplies power to the WIS-30 wireless infrared receiving end and the wireless transmitter, and the wireless infrared transmitting end is powered by the AA battery. When the wireless infrared sensor detects someone passing, The information will be transmitted to the wireless receiving end, and the signal will be transmitted by the wireless transmitter. The wireless receiver transmits the corresponding signal to the alarm host, and the whole system does not need to damage the road surface, and does not need to be laid cable, safe and convenient.

• Frequency band: 2.4G (2405MHz ~ 2480MHz 16 channels can be set)

• Transmitting power: 200mA

• Receive sensitivity: -98dBm

• Communication distance: more than 200 meters (this is the distance between the single button and the receiver, and the muti-button coordinates the working distance further).

• Solar panel:30W

• Battery:12V12AH(Three days of continuous rainy days)


Wireless Receiver Parameters

• Frequency band: 2.4G (2405MHz ~ 2480MHz 16 channels can be set)

• Supply voltage: 10-30VDC

• Detection output: detection output 8 groups of signals, error output 1 group signalCommunication interface: 8IO signal output,LAN x 1, 485 x 1

• Power consumption: < 1W

• Appearance size: 120 x 90 x 56

• Installation method: rail mounting

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