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Traffic vehicle detector

name:Direction Traffic Loop Detector , Parking Magnetic Vehicle Detector
loop detectorParking traffic vehicle sensor Features:

The PD-156 loop detector is an intelligent, extremely flexible and very affordable product.
ThePD-156 is designed to accommodate numerous applications, can be adjusted intelligently to any environments and virtually eliminating false detection.
On the front panel, the four selectable loop frequencies (20~100 KHz) can completely eliminate any crosstalk.
If intermittence happen or failed loops get self-healed, the detector will resume to normal operation without manually reset the detector.

Detailed Product Description
Sensitivity: 4 Levels Operation Temp: -40℃ To +70℃
Work Voltage: 24VADC,12VDC,110VAC,230VAC Connection: Socket Mount-11pin Male(JEDEC B11-88)
Visual Indications: Power LED-Red,Fault LED-Green Housing Color: Black
Relay Signal: Presence And Pulse Relay Signal Self-turning Range: 20-2000uh
Loop Frequency: 4 Setting(low,Med-low,Med-Hi,High) Contact Rating: 2A 30VDC,0.5A@125VAC
Weight: 0.18KG Operating Current: 20mA Standby

Self-turning Range Traffic Loop Detector Indicates Vehicle Detection Pulse Relay Signal 
The vehicle loop detector is compatible with most gate operators. The traffic loop sensor may be used in Center, Safety and Exit loop positions.Fifteen sensitivity settings allow for fine adjustment of the detection level.

Sensitivity Selection:
Sensitivity of the loop can be adjusted by the trimpot labeled “Sensitivity”. 4 Setting sensitivity
Power Led: RED power LED indicates “Power ON” 
Detecting Led: Continuously On: Indicates vehicle detection.
      Blinking slowly: Indicates loop is short circuit or the number of twists after the loop is not enough.
     Blinking fast: Indicates loop is open circuit or too many twists after the loop.
Loop detectors in recent years have become a popular tool having innumerable applications in policing, right from surveillance operations to traffic control. Automation of gates and doors has become a popular usage of the loop detector.

Ordering Information:
PD-150  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC
PD-152  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC
PD-155  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC
PD-156  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC

Dual channels traffic vehicle detectors

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