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Traffic vehicle detector

name:blinks slowly traffic vehicle detector 40 to 70 celsius degree for parking control
loop detectorParking vehicle loop sensor Features:

The PD-152 loop detector is an intelligent, extremely flexible and very affordable product.
ThePD-152 is designed to accommodate numerous applications, can be adjusted intelligently to any environments and virtually eliminating false detection.
On the front panel, the four selectable loop frequencies (20~80 KHz) can completely eliminate any crosstalk.
If intermittence happen or failed loops get self-healed, the detector will resume to normal operation without manually reset the detector.

Detailed Product Description
Sensitivity: 4 Levels Operation Temp: -40℃ To +70℃
Work Voltage: 12-24VDC Loop Frequency: 4 Setting(low,Med-low,Med-Hi,High)
Visual Indications: Power LED-Red,Fault LED-Green Housing Color: Black
Response Time: 10-90MS Loop Inductance: 20-2000uh
Weight: 0.18KG Relay Signal: Presence Signal And Pulse Signal

blinks slowly traffic vehicle detector 40 to 70 celsius degree for parking control


Compact Size: the compact and well engineered housing  Combines all of the industry requirements regarding  features and functionality and allows this detector to be  Incorporated into any or existing traffic detection system.  
Diagnostic Capabilities: Comprehensive diagnostics  Capabilities allow for accurate diagnosis of loop and Installation problems.
Selectable Presence Time: The output of the presence Relay can be selected to limit a detect output to a fixed time(time>30 minutes)while a vehicle remains on the loop Loop Frequency Indication: Interference between adjacent loop/detectors can be determined by an integral indication, and eliminated by changing the frequency setting.

Two separate output relays:
Presence Relay A is presence output. Can be extended for 0,2,5,8,10,15,20 or 30 seconds, programmable with external 10 way DIP switches.
Pulse Relay B, programmable with external 10 way DIP switches, provides presence, pulse on entry, pulse on exit, or failed output.


Technical Parameter for single channel vehicle detector

Self-turning range


Response Times



4 way selectable levels

Visual Indications

Power LED-Red, Channel LED-Green


Four step switch, selectable 20-80KHz

Relay time

0,2,4,8,10,15,20,30 seconds

Power Requirements

12VDC or 24VDC or 110VAC or 230VAC

Fault Output

Blinks slowly, Blinks faster


Reset by push button on front of enclosure

Product size


Label Language



11-pin Submagnal(USA sytle and European)

Storage Temperature

 -40 to 80 Celsius degree

Normal Working Temperature

 -40 to 70 Celsius degree

Traffic Control Application
Vehicle Counting
Toll Systems
Autogate control
Traffic Analysis
ETC Control

Ordering Information:
PD-150  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC(EU standard)
PD-152  single channel, boxed, 1 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC(EU standard)
PD-155  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 100-240VAC(USA standard)
PD-156  single channel, boxed, 2 type 11pin connects 12-24VADC(USA standard) parking detector

Dual channels traffic vehicle detectors

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