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RFID Access for Garages

What is RFID Access Control?
Parking and Transportation Services has installed a gate monitoring system called radio frequency identification (RFID), which reads a small device attached to the inside of your vehicle windshield. All garages have this technology. You just drive up to the gate, stop briefly and the gate automatically opens!
This hands-free technology will be used from year to year and you will receive an annual sticker to put on the device to designate the permit year. However, if you leave the University of Arizona or you do not renew the garage permit for any reason, the RFID unit must be returned to Parking and Transportation Services within 14 days. Failure to do so will result in a non-return RFID fee.
Units may be returned for a pro-rated refund through the first Friday in April. If the device is being returned after the permit refund eligibility date, it can be turned in directly at the cashier booths in any of the garages. Please request a receipt from the cashier


How does the RFID system work?
RFID antennas are installed at entrance and exit lanes that communicate by radio frequency with RFID tags that are mounted in each vehicle. The system sends the tag number to a computer database for verification. It takes only a few seconds to verify access and open the gates.

About the RFID unit
The RFID unit is constructed of hard plastic and is approximately the size of a credit card. For optimum performance of the system, the device should be placed on your interior lower left corner of the vehicles front windshield (driver's side). Velcro-like adhesive strips are used to secure the device to your windshield and will allow you to transfer the device between your vehicles. Holding the device diminishes the frequency signal and may prevent a gate from opening. Devices laid on vehicle dashboards may be out of alignment with antennas and may not function properly.


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