jutaiProducts-JTPR-2S long range reader

Model:JTPR-2S RFID Parking Reader


Product overview:JTPR-2S long range reader using Electromagnetic radiation characteristics with 2.45 GHz frequency band allow high data transmission rates and directional antenna beams.Tag detection is therefore very rapid and relatively insensitive to environmental interference. The Jutai tag is electro-magnetically inactive when outside of the reader’s range. It's state-of-the-art feature (registered patent) is its capacity to reflect incident microwaves - a tag receiving a 2.45 GHz carrier will echo this signal, modulated by its individual identification code, back to the reader. The reader receives and processes this signal, sending the data to a host system via a standard interface.


High sensitivity, low power design technology, low radiation is harmless to the human body.Stable performance, high speed read card, high level of waterproof, strong anti-interference ability, etc.A variety of data output mode can be used for a variety of reading card device.Can be used in RFID parking lot management system, entrance guard system, personnel positioning system, cargo tracking system, the army, prison parent-school tong, and other fields.


Product characteristics:

1. Orientation recognition
Directional read card function,Directional Angle less than 180 degrees.
2. Adjustable card read distance(1~80 meters)
Internal integration of microwave digital attenuator, adjust the rotary dial code can control card read distance and meet the requirements of read card in the actual application of distance.

3.High safety anti-interference technology
Card information using the company's unique encryption to strict encryption, digital processing in the form of multiple check before send to reader.
4. Anti-collision
With functions of 100 CARDS read at the same time.
5. Low frequency trigger and feeling functional integration
Tags with 125 KHZ frequency wake function, reader has the sense of pressure to access function, more effective control and limit tags read range.
6. Interregional delay function
Reader entry address combination export group, interregional delay can effectively solve the label after a misreading card action between inlet and outlet.
7. A variety of data output mode
Wiggins 26, wiggins 34 and rs485 output data type.


Fuction Setting:

1:AntiRe-Read Group 5-1:Vacancy
2:AntiRe-Read Group 5-2:Loop Signal Selection
3:Uploading Time 5-3:Relay Output
4:Distance Decay 5-4:Vacancy



RFID reader Spec.

Anti-collision capacity 100pcs
Work frequency 2.4GHz~2.483GHz
Antenna polarization
Microwave COM check CRC16 cyclic redundancy check
Reading range 80M in maximum
Receiver sensitivity -90dBm
Low power remind relay output
Work supply DC12V/1A
COM interface RS485/wiegan
Size 180mm*180mm*52mm
Baud 9600

RFID parking software


Work with:Long Range RFID tag,&Traffic Vehicle Detectors

Keyword:Microwave Reader,2.45G transceiver,RF Tag,Active Tag,Passive Tag