Model:JTID-52/62 2.4G RFID tag
All in one card Character:

Electromagnetic radiation characteristics in the 2.45 GHz frequency band allow high data transmission rates and directional antenna beams. Tag detection is therefore very rapid and relatively insensitive to environmental interference. The Jutai tag is electro-magnetically inactive when outside of the reader’s range. It's state-of-the-art feature (registered patent) is its capacity to reflect incident microwaves - a tag receiving a 2.45 GHz carrier will echo this signal, modulated by its individual identification code, back to the reader. The reader receives and processes this signal, sending the data to a host system via a standard interface.

RFID tag Spec.
Work frequency:2.4GHz~2.483GHz &125K&13.56MHz
Work life >2 year (battery be replaced )
Microwave COM check:CRC16cyclic redundancy check
Key function :help function match readeropen/stop/close
match readersearch function match key finder
Receiver sensitivity:-80 dbm ~ -90 dbm
Low power remind
IP code:IP54
Battery spec:CR1632

How is our RFID tags work:
Step1: our RFID tag are in sleeping for saving engery,
Step2: when the Tags entery RFID activator working area,the tags will be waked up.
Step3:the wakeup tags will transfer its card information to reader.
Step4:the Reader receive the card information,then transfer to access controller via Wiegan.
Step5:the access controller identification the card ID is enable or disable.if enable it will output signal.

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