jutailong range reader for RFID car parking access control

ARM7 Dual CPU 2.45GHZWG26 WG34 reader

Model:2.4G RFID long range reader for car parking control

Orientation Identification
With 18dBi high-gain directional antenna,Directional Capacity: 30:1 
Reading Range Adjustable
With signal attenuator, reading distance can be adjusted from 1 to 120 meters,which can solve customers` s different requirement in real application.
Long Range Reading distance
Maximum Reading Distance can reach to 120 meter, it is the best solution for long range parking identification system application 
With high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 core microcontroller 
Tag Reading Capacity: 50 tags/sec 
High security of resisting disturbance
Adopts frequency Hopping& multi-type address technology, Strong encryption to card info by the unique program encryption technology, data transmitting to reader after multi-type checking way for data processing.
COM interface:WG26,WG34 automatic
Work with Jutai ID-2L rfid tags.

Below is back view:
best quality long range reader

Car parking control,
autogate control
School project.

Below is use for parking:
long range reader rfid

Work with:rfid parking tags
2.4G Active Long Range Reader for sale

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