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name:GP99 Extra Long Range Proximity Reader

ACCESS SYSTEM-Passive Long Range Proximity Card Reader Introduction:
 GP9 is an extended range 125kHz RFID Long Range proximity reader featuring compact dimension.It can read range from 90cm to 130 cm depends on the interference on site. GP99 can effectively penetrate solar film and allows MC-5 proximity card to be read from inside the car without winding down windows.

* ARM 32 CPU
* Can penetrate solar film (V-Kool V40)
*Auto tuning function to compensate presence of
metal and interference
*Extended reading range from 90 cm to 130 cm.
*Bright LED indicators, tuning LED bar
*Firmware upgradable in the field
*IP-65 weatherproof housing design
*High-quality power supply with noise filter
*Loop Inductive function optional
*Anti-rereading function included

Power Supply:

The GP99 is power by a one-stage circuitry(see the figure below):the power supply input 230VAC/120VAC into 12VDC.The power supply also filters out the power line noise and further stabilizes the voltage supplier to the GP99,which is very important to proper reader operation.

125K long range reader power supply
The whole simple system:
1.125K long range rfid reader.
2.Parking Access control
3.Barrier gate
125K advanced long range rfid system
1.Car Parking Vehicle Access Control
2.Long Ragne RFID Control
3.Monthly Long Range RFID management

The GP-99A long range reader used for parking control:
GP-90A long range reader

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