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name:infrared photocell sensor for sales
Advanced Long Range Proximity Reader GP99
Power supply:12/24(VAC/VDC)
* Max.Range up:20Meters(indoor or outdoor)
* Opera temperature:-10-+60℃
*Max.TX working current:25mA

*Max. RX working current:35mA
*Max. Relay contact:500mA
*IP rate:IP55
To open the IR-20M, lift the front panel of the photocell. Insert the cables in their housing and fix the base to the wall. If the photocell has to be mounted on a wall, drill the trhree 5 ø holes and fit suitable screw anchors. If the photocell has to be mounted on metal, drill the three 3 ø holes for fitting with the self_tapping screws. Make the connections. Power the photocells with a
voltage between 12 and 24V DC/AC. If positioning, alignment and connection have been carried out properly, the red LED on the receiver will be off. Each time the ray is interrupted, the red LED switches on. Cover the photocell with the front panel. Insert to the stop and close it. Interrupt the ray several times checking the relay response. Fix the front panels with the provided screws. *Application:Parking control,Autogate control...etc



Infrared photocell sensor for parking control:
infrared sensor for parking control


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