jutai1meter 2.4G RFID mid range reader

Model:AE-5 Best Access Control Systems,1mter 2.45Ghz mid-range hands free reader

Short range reader is cheap,Why we choose the best access control system.:

we don't need to close swiping card now.we can put our
RFID tags in our bag,our pocket.etc.
When we close the reader about 1-3M distance,the RFID Card will wakeup,and working.
then the reader will collect the ID PIN and confirm the card ID is valid or not.

office door control
Hospital gate control
elevator control
hands free access control.

Work with Jutai 2.45G Tag:
jutai tags

Not need to look for your Key everyday.
Free our hands,do our want to do.

If we carry a heavy goods.we don't need to put down the goods now.Jutai Middle range reader will help us to open the door.

hands free system
Our other access controller application:

RFID Middle Range Door access control
system, elevator management system,
visitor management system, personnel
tracking system, etc.

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